AI Trends Set to Dominate in 2024

AI Trends Set to Dominate in 2024

The evolution of artificial intelligence (AI), in 2023, has been nothing short of remarkable… revolutionizing industries, transforming workflows, and augmenting human capabilities. As we have stepped into 2024, the landscape of AI is poised for even greater advancements, propelling us into an era where innovation intersects with human potential.

So are you ready for a future where your morning commute is powered by a self-driving car that navigates smoothly through traffic, avoids accidents, and drops you off stress-free?! Where a voice assistant not only answers questions, but engages in a more natural conversation? Where renewable energy grids tap deep AI optimization to provide clean, reliable electricity to communities? These aren’t sci-fi fantasies—they’re glimpses of our AI-powered world in 2024 and beyond.

The present year will also force some pressing questions around ethics, bias and control. How do we ensure this technology values humanity over profit? Indeed, the foundations built in ‘24 could shape AI’s trajectory for generations. And here are the headlines for AI trends 2024!

So, where does AI go from 2023 to 2024?

“… the average person in the workplace, only a few of them have actually used it. So 2024 is going to be the year when it really explodes because everyday people are going to use it. Middle managers and small companies all over the world, you know, all kinds of different people are going to start really using generative AI in a meaningful way and that impact is going to be enormous because of it.”

Bob O’Donnell, TECHnalysis Research President & Chief Analyst

2024 Is About More AI: Not Business As Usual

1. Next-generation Multimodal Generative AI

Imagine an AI that doesn’t just understand text or images but effortlessly weaves them together, creating a symphony of creativity. That’s the promise of next-generation multimodal GenAI—a breathtaking leap forward in artificial intelligence. It unites the power of language, visuals, and sounds, crafting a seamless fusion. Think of it as AI donning a maestro’s hat, orchestrating a masterpiece where words paint pictures and images speak volumes. This groundbreaking technology possesses the potential to break barriers, as it would reshape the entire landscape of how we perceive and interact with AI.

2. Dawn of the AI PCs

AI advancements for PCs is set to shift the market with its “super cycle” of laptop replacements. According to Kedar Kondap, Senior Vice President and GM of Compute and Gaming, Qualcomm Technologies said, “We anticipate a market-defining “super cycle” in the PC starting in 2024, where the need for new laptops and the advancement of AI will drive a new era of PCs.”

To hint at the laptop demand scenario, Morgan Stanley has captured interesting data. 40% of laptops that are due for replacement in 2024, are expected to rise to 65% by 2025! Connect the dots?

“This innovation is not just an evolution in the PC market, but a revolution, driving the demand for AI PCs forward and reshaping the computing experience for businesses and consumers into the new year,” Kedar added.

3. On-Device AI Assistants

Current notions indicate that GenAI will be moving from cloud to personal devices. Precisely, 2024 and beyond is going to be the era of on-device AI assistants, an evolution that transcends mere convenience, placing the power of artificial intelligence directly into the palm of your hand.

The future would be about the democratization of AI, where smartphones, wearables, or any smart devices become an intelligent ally, anticipating personalized preferences. Applications that make good use of large language models (LLMs) and visual models, would be able to create meaningful, individualistic content through sensor data. In fact, these new-age AI assistants might be able to process and generate text, images, voice, and videos on the device to conduct natural engagement with users. This transition can definitely pave the way for privacy-focused and more enriching AI experiences for consumers as well as enterprises while cutting down cloud costs for developers.

4. Artificial Intelligence in Ethics and Legislation

In this era of exponential technological growth, the spotlight isn’t solely on AI’s capabilities but on the moral compass guiding its development and deployment. From addressing biases embedded in algorithms to ensuring transparency and fairness in decision-making, the pursuit of ethical AI takes center stage.

2024 must become the year we transition from problem documentation to actively building solutions. Governments will feel an increasing public pressure to regulate AI development with an emphasis on civil rights. Big tech can no longer hide behind opacity and intellectual property—compliance frameworks will require evidence that AI systems meet standards of ethics, and human welfare.

Because AI is being utilized across multiple industries, creating the ethical governance frameworks has become an urgent need. The European Union has taken the lead as the first global legislator to pioneer AI law with the aim of ensuring safety, legality, trustworthiness, and respect for fundamental rights within AI systems. The Federal Trade Commission (FTC) has set prohibitions “on deceptive or unfair conduct”, which “can apply if you make, sell, or use a tool that is effectively designed to deceive—even if that’s not its intended or sole purpose”, such as deepfakes or voice clones.

The collage of AI trends reveal a future both thrilling and transformative. The journey isn’t just about machines getting smarter; it’s about humanity taking quantum leaps in tandem with its creations.

The trends of 2024 are not isolated glimpses of progress; they’re interconnected chapters in the epic tale of AI’s integration into our lives. As we stand at the threshold of this AI-powered future, let’s embrace the transformative possibilities it unfolds. So, here’s to the relentless pursuit of progress and the ethical guardianship of innovation. Welcome to the future shaped by AI, where the extraordinary becomes everyday, and possibilities know no bounds.

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