For Agencies that Sell to Small Business

Win More Small Business Clients

Engage and service your existing customers and future clients with on-target AI-generated sales content that resonates. Discover the most primed prospects in your market, form deeper connections, and watch your proposals become magnetic narratives that win contracts.

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Save Time and be More Effective Selling to SMBs

Save hours of research and prep time and make each call more impactful. Engage more actively and persuasively with prospects using bespoke sales strategy and content built for every prospect based on their business profile. Lead every sales call with confidence armed with gaps, opportunities, and pain points.

BuzzBoard’s proprietary signal stack and category classification system for small, local and mid-sized businesses unlocks deep account intelligence on over 30+ million SMBs, with over 6,400 signals per business.

Contextual Insights For Each Business

Context is everything in sales. Engage your best-fit clients with AI-generated insights and recommendations that speak directly to their pain points and business aspirations. Build strong connections and win proposals like never before.

Hyper-Personalized Conversation Starters

BuzzBoard is your personal content engine for sales engagements. We combine the power of large language models (LLMs) with rich intelligence on SMBs, to turn your client engagements into magical conversations through text, images, and videos.

Competitive Benchmarking

Spur action by generating a report that compares your prospective clients with their competitors. Boost a potential client’s online brand with statistics pulled straight from our profile.

Auto-Generated Persuasive Emails

The BuzzBoard platform includes emailing capabilities with analytics tracking—so you’ll get engagement data on every report or pitch you send to customers and prospects.

White-Labeled Marketing Grader Reports

Say goodbye to generic sales messaging. With BuzzBoard, you can quickly generate comprehensive marketing grader reports for your clients, stamped with your agency’s brand. This will get their attention and promote your business..

Find businesses that need exactly what you sell

BuzzBoard manages the world’s largest and most configurable collection of SMB data, with 20M SMBs in the US alone. Get access and create segments to generate your best-fit customers list instantly.

Understand your client’s business

Personalize every touch point with an in-depth understanding of exactly what the client needs to increase their sales and outperform competitors.

Decrease your costs and increase your sales

You’ll save time and money by automating the prep research for your sales team. You’ll also increase your sales numbers with targeted prospect lists and persuasive data about your prospects and their competitors.

Approach prospects with confidence

Get better prepared for your sales calls with tailored content, bespoke recommendations and online brand strategies for every business.

Explain your proposals with ease

Our AI generated analysis breaks everything down for your prospect and makes it easy to understand what each element of your proposal means, and why it’s important to their business.

Propose finely tuned marketing strategies

Surface consumer statistics and impactful statements for your prospects based on elements pulled directly from BuzzBoard’s one-of-a-kind exhaustive business profile.

Become a more confident and more successful agency with generative AI-powered
hyper-personalized prospecting and closing content across media types.