Demand Generation

Identify, Score, and Tier SMB Accounts with the Highest Revenue Potential

Marketing teams use BuzzBoard Demand to target their ideal customers with confidence, powered by access to the most accurate account intelligence on  30+ million SMBs.

Your Ideal Customer is Waiting to Hear from You

Forget basic firmographic and technographic data. To launch effective campaigns, you also need digiographics – insights on your target account’s digital footprint. This can include hiring plans, online advertising spend, social media presence, online review and more.

  • Surface hidden buyer needs
  • Determine the actual size of your market
  • Uncover customer segments that are untapped or missing
  • Fuel account-based conversations with needs-based insights

Create More Buzz

Drive Demand into the Accounts with the Highest Revenue Potential

Your list of accounts is the most important step to any successful demand generation campaign.

With BuzzBoard, You will be Able to

Generate lists of best-fit SMBs that match your ideal customer profile.

Access data on over 30 million SMBs and filter by key purchase triggers (e.g. ad spend, technology usage, and revenue) to find SMBs that need your solutions

Easily download or bulk import leads to your CRM of choice

Enrich your CRM with new and up-to-date intelligence about your SMB customers

Identify customers that are a fit for cross-sell and upsell opportunities

Identify at-risk customers and reach out before it’s too late

Here's how we do it

Define the Signals that create your Ideal Customer Profile

Define the Signals

Define the Signals that Create Your Ideal Customer Profile

  • Enrich your customer data with thousands of data signals
  • Identify the true definition of your Ideal Customer Profile—with the right mix of digital maturity, business needs, and spending power—for each of your product or service.

Find and Segment Look-alikes

  • Access every SMB there is in your defined ICP
  • Build segments to target based on business attributes that matter to you.
Find and Segment Look-alikes

Score and Prioritize for Revenue Opportunities

Score and Prioritize for Revenue Opportunities

Score and Prioritize for Revenue Opportunities

  • Analyze and prioritize leads based on the match between the prospect’s needs and your products or services.
  • Know exactly who to target, and why.

Leverage Need-based Insights to Tell the Right Story

  • Customized, AI-driven reports about each account’s tech stack, resources, hiring plans, market opportunities, and more
  • Marketing teams have the insights they need to identify the right solution to message at the right time.
Leverage Need-based Insights to Tell the Right Story

Pre-integrated in CRMs, Marketing Automation, and Data
Infrastructure Platforms

Get the customized information you want, delivered to the CRM of your choice—all in just a few clicks.

Pre-integrated in CRMs, Marketing Automation, and Data Infrastructure Platforms

360° Support for Your Business: Data, Analytics,
and a Team of (human) Specialists

Get the customized information you want, delivered across CRMs, marketing automation platforms, and data infrastructure platforms —all in just a few clicks.

  • Build Segments
    Filter the database to customize your target prospects list based on key criteria, such as budget, technology, location, and more.
  • Automatic Record Refresh
    Automatic updates ensure that your records are always current.
  • Estimate Total Addressable Market
    Identify revenue opportunities with data and analytics about your total addressable market.
  • Data Concierge Service (run by real, live, friendly people)
    Work with a dedicated data concierge (ICP specialist) who will map your products and ideal customer attributes to unique signals and help you build custom filters for your business.

Why BuzzBoard for Your SMB Needs?

We have over 20 years of experience in SMB data.

We provide access to the world’s largest database of SMBs, with 20 million SMBs in the United States alone—and thousands of signals for each.

Our AI-based algorithms and robust recommendation engine are tuned specifically to SMB needs, triggers and behaviors.

What’s the Buzz About?

Here’s What Our Customers Say



As an end user of the Buzzboard/Salesforce integration, I am thrilled to have this much information about my prospects at my fingertips without having to travel outside my CRM to get to it.

Jessica Newby Nexstar


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