Artificial Intelligence

AI Fuels the Core of Our
Go-to-Market Data Flywheel

From signals to scores to segments to stories— built using artificial intelligence to give you the computational prowess to bring unprecedented automation to build, prioritize, contextualize and personalize your buyer journey.

Artificial Intelligence

From Data to Wisdom

From Prospecting to Closing Deals; from Demand Gen to Sales; from ICP Definition to Account Scoring…we use AI and advanced machine learning algorithms to bring you the best data to activate your top-of-funnel, and make your buyer-seller conversations more buyer-centric.

Your Revenue Data Flywheel – Built to Perfection Using AI

OPEN new doors

WIN more customers

CLOSE bigger deals

OPEN new doors

WIN more customers

CLOSE bigger deals

Our AI Clustering Models Predict Best-fit Prospects
by Learning from Past Deals

Artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms power BuzzBoard’s robust SMB data engine that houses the world’s most comprehensive database of 30M+ SMBs, and over 6,000 digital signals per business, to automate buyer need-based segmentation of large addressable markets (hundreds of thousands of small businesses), create custom account-fit scores, and identify micro-categories to accelerate sales processes.

Our AI Clustering Models

Build your most accurate TAM

Our comprehensive data model identifies key signal clusters for enrichment and establishes a logic to accurately define a business’s data-informed ICP, by reviewing past customer wins. The data modeling framework creates multiple segments using different combinations of customer records and rich digiographic data to observe which combination stands out as accurately indicative of the business’s ideal customer accounts.

Unlock the potential of your SMB prospecting campaigns with micro-category segmentation

BuzzBoard’s proprietary URL finder, together with AI/ML-powered category identification logic identifies and matches SMBs to about 400 parent categories that in turn map to over 20,000 child categories.

Using natural language processing and machine learning, our data engine accurately assigns the most granular and relevant micro-category to all small businesses to true-up the inaccuracies accorded by the standard classification systems. Tailor your campaigns and marketing messages for better campaign performance and ROI.

Estimate your prospects’ purchase propensity without a direct interaction with them

Standard firmographic based account scoring is suboptimal in managing marketing spend, especially while selling into vast addressable markets. We apply machine learning algorithms to harness thousands of externally available rich-data about SMBs to build a custom account scoring model unique to the user company’s market, timing, and stage of growth. The predictive capabilities of the AI model looks at different factors to score and categorize each SMB lead and account based on what makes an ideal customer, improving resource utilization.

  • We have the world’s most comprehensive SMB digital data lake – both in terms of depth and breadth of data.
  • We use machine learning algorithms to parse thousands of datapoints on millions of businesses to line up the best-fit opportunities for your sales engagements and marketing campaigns.

Start Hyper-personalizing Your Content!

With BuzzBoard Ignite, we provide generative AI-based automated content creation capabilities to speed your sales process and drive impactful customer engagements.

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