D Score

The New Benchmarking Standard for SMB Account Scoring and Segmentation

Understand the digital maturity of your buyers and meet them with valuable insights using BuzzBoard’s D Score.

Account Scoring Based on Growth, Behavior, and Needs

Account Scoring Based on Growth, Behavior, and Needs

Account Scoring Based on Growth, Behavior, and Needs

For years, BuzzBoard has captured every dimension of SMB’s needs and lifecycle, as seen through a digital lens.

We track over 6,400 signals for each SMB across our database of over 30 million businesses. We then apply artificial intelligence, machine learning and human experience to segment, classify and assess SMBs by their needs and behavior.

Now you can easily identify accounts that are

  • Growth-oriented
  • Early adopters
  • In need of your product or service

D Score can be used to

  • Building ICP and customer personas
  • Generating personalized marketing communications
  • Segmenting and prioritizing for precision targeting
  • Designing campaigns aligned to needs and behavior

Sales Experience

  • Generating D Scores for incoming phone calls in real-time
  • Benchmarking and routing leads to a salesperson experienced with the SMB’s digital life stage Generating personalized sales materials


Customer Success Experience

  • SMB onboarding of the enterprise’s products or services
  • Identifying likely needs for service
  • Tuning chat bot content to the SMB’s digital life stage
  • Driving service and communications with SMB customers (real-time routing of service requests; generating contextual content)
  • Generating Customer Health scorecards
  • Identifying up-sell, cross-sell, and winback opportunities
  • Personalized communications

Anticipate Buyer Needs with BuzzBoard’s D Score

To delight your customers, anticipate their needs by knowing what they already use or how to improve their technology with account intelligence delivered in the D Score.

For customized implementations, we build the D Score algorithm in close collaboration with you and your team.

Anticipate Buyer Needs with BuzzBoard’s D Score

Fully Leverage Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning

The D score has been designed as a dynamic entity that takes advantage of AI/ML to consume, analyze and reflect changes in a business’s lifecycle.

All AI machines consume and depend on data. While our in-house algorithm generates the D score for new businesses, as we collect more data to drive our artificial intelligence engine, we continuously improve the quality of the end product delivered to you.

Some examples of various slices for which D Scores can be generated

For SMBs in a given metro or country (e.g. metro Atlanta; USA)

For SMB verticals or micro-verticals (e.g. Dentists-orthodontics)

For SMB firmographic slices (e.g. mid-sized SMBs)

For SMBs that meet a specific test (e.g. those running a specific vendor's product)

For SMBs that compete with a given SMB

Any combination of the above (e.g. multi-location CPAs with over 25 headcount per location, in greater Chicago)

Build Segments for High-Value Personalization with Ease

The D Score helps sales and demand generation teams understand the internal conditions to segment SMBs, instead of external firmographics.

D Score algorithms can be as simple or sophisticated as you want. With firmographic data or totally customized.

Why Trust the BuzzBoard D-Score

Because SMBs are in our DNA, we’ve developed and commercialized many proprietary capabilities tailored specifically to the SMB market over the past 7 years.

Why Trust the BuzzBoard D-Score

The most powerful technique of identifying URLs for SMBs, even when the SMB data is incomplete, inaccurate or ambiguous.

An automated bot that analyzes individual pixels in an SMB’s digital footprint, to find connections to external platforms, data sets, and service providers.

We maintain records on over 30 million SMBs in the US, and over 10 million worldwide. We populate most of these with over 6,400 separate data elements. We fully refresh our data set every 30 days.

We have deep expertise in guiding enterprise customers to greatly boost their marketing and sales effectiveness with our tools.

Implement the New Standard in SMB Account Scoring

Experience the power of the D Score

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