Benchmark Your Way to Smarter SMB Prospecting

Learn where your SMB prospects stand amongst their competitors using BuzzBoard benchmarking

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Would you like to know where your prospect company compares with others in their industry? Your answer is waiting for you now, available with BuzzBoard’s new benchmarking tool.

Benchmarking allows you to see how your SMB prospect ranks nationally among businesses in their industry, serving as the perfect conversation starter for you and your prospect. We have the ability to show you where they stand amongst others in their category – just ask us for it.

BuzzBoard benchmarking brings benefits to your SMB prospecting

How does it work? BuzzBoard SMB account intelligence will provide you with a National Average Score, or as we like to call it, a “BuzzScore”, for all like-businesses in the industry as well as a BuzzScore for your prospect company. A BuzzScore is our uniquely curated digital footprint score for a business, which is based on their digital presence and performance. With the help of our benchmarking tool, not only will you be able to see where your SMB prospect stands in their industry, you will also receive an average score for the top 10% of leaders within that vertical, opening up the discussion to a competitive analysis and problem solving with your SMB prospect.

Take dentists for example. Through our benchmarking tool, we found that the leaders’, the top 10% of dentists, average BuzzScore is 84. But, for the dentistry industry as a whole, the US national average BuzzScore is 63. The next step would be seeing where your prospect falls in relation to these two scores, which will then be followed by performance analysis and conversations involving what you and your prospect can do to succeed in the industry.




After using our benchmarking tool and discussing insights with a BuzzBoard representative, Jess Smith, VP of Advertising at the Wichita Eagle, says “… you have a place to start when you are looking at scores of prospects in like businesses. That gives a point of reference for each vertical, so you can see what is average and where your prospect is. Then you have the opportunity to grow them.


Benchmarking sets you up to explore new opportunities and assists in finding areas for growth. Real users of benchmarking are finding value in the tool, and are going on to create their own value for their prospect using new insights.


It’s time to thrive in your industry

Let’s have conversations and dive deeper into finding efficiencies and improvements for your prospects. Whether you are an agency providing local marketing services to SMBs, or a cloud technology suited to SMBs, the benchmarking tool will help you generate SMB leads and serve as an exceptional guide for discussions with your prospects.

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