No admin please – we’re sales people!

BuzzBoardAny time you’re creating products for sales professionals, you have to understand what they’ll use and what they won’t; to understand that, you have to understand how sales people work. And to understand that… well, you pretty much have to be a sales person yourself.

We believe one of the reasons for the success of BuzzBoard is that most of us are sales people – some of us in actuality, and some of us at heart. Either way, we get you. We know what you like and, equally important, we know what you don’t like.

The best sellers we know have many qualities in common. Here are some of them – you tell us if we’re right or wrong.

  • Sales people love the chase: who is that guy, could he use my product, how do I get to him?
  • You like talking. Okay, you love talking. And meeting, being with people and getting to know them.
  • You like helping. If the prospect has a problem and you can solve it, you’re happy.
  • You get a thrill every time you show a prospect something you really believe in.
  • You’re competitive and, by extension, you like helping your customers beat their competitors too.
  • Let’s not be coy about this: sales people love making money. This is what gets most of you out of bed every morning.
  • Since we’re not being coy, let’s acknowledge that sales people don’t like admin. Oh you’ll take the time to work out your commissions – you like doing that. But as for all the routine admin that goes with sales… not so much!

When we started designing BuzzBoard, we kept the fact that sales people love selling uppermost in our minds. At every point we asked: how could we help you do it better, do it more, enjoy it more, make more money?

One of the things we knew from our own experience was the frustration of having to use several different tools to do a single job effectively. We call BuzzBoard a sales enablement platform because – at the risk of sounding cutesy – we made it behave like an entire sales support team in your pocket. Here’s what it does for you:

  • Lead discovery
  • Insights
  • Account planning
  • Tracking
  • Research
  • Preparation
  • Competitive analysis
  • Proposal generation
  • Closing
  • Onboarding

Yes, all in one. And yes, minimizing admin and time spent on dull tasks at every stage! Just tap your screen.

Did you spot the one thing BuzzBoard doesn’t do? CRM – but we cater for it! BuzzBoard is available as a 100% native SFDC app in the Salesforce AppExchange. See, we know what you like.

Our bottom line is that BuzzBoard must free sales professionals to do the job they like doing: sell. We think we did our job. What do you think?

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