What’s the Best AI Sales Software for Selling Digital Services to Small Businesses?

What’s the Best AI Sales Software for Selling Digital Services to Small Businesses

Conquering the SMB Market: How Generative AI Software Can Supercharge Your Digital Agency’s Sales

There’s no denying AI is transforming the sales technology landscape, with an influx of sophisticated tools for CRMs, marketing automation, forecasting, and more. But have you ever wondered why typical AI sales tools fall devastatingly short when digital agencies set their sights on capturing lucrative SMB clients and partnerships?

Well, AI Sales Tools Are Evolving. But Most Still Miss the SMB Mark!

Many specialized tools have become available to help with this complex challenge of sales prospecting, but very few differentiate the nuanced difference between selling to enterprises versus selling to small and local businesses. While most, if not all, of these sales engagement and sales enablement tools have now begun to capitalize on the power of automation, the problem of generic sales approach persists across most of them. This is because they are not tailored for the high-touch, personalized engagement smaller firms demand before signing on the dotted line.

At the outset, while generative AI or GenAI promises the power of personalization at scale and steps in as a game-changer for SMB-focused sales, many of them can still be severely deficient in the depth of personalization—most suited to capture small business attention.

Because personalization has become the other name for AI-powered sales, take a few seconds to go through why and how personalization is indispensable to achieving your sales goals faster and more effectively. Read until the end to find the best AI sales software match for your agency!

How GenAI Personalization Destroys Generic Selling and Accelerates Closing Deals

For forward-thinking marketing service providers seeking an advantage in the battle for SMB buyers, generative AI-driven personalization represents the indispensable, precision-guided weapon for getting their message through, building credibility, and earning trusted partner status.

Small and medium businesses are fatigued by one-size-fits-all pitches that fail to address their particular challenges. They crave genuine connections and solutions from partners who truly understand their objectives. Cue: AI’s ability to deliver dynamic, high-touch customization. Here’s how:

  • AI can analyze vast amounts of data on industry trends, SMB pain points, and marketing budgets. Imagine sending an email to a local bakery highlighting the success a similar bakery achieved through targeted social media campaigns.
  • AI transcends the act of simply inserting names. It analyzes historical interactions, past marketing campaigns, and social media data to craft messages that speak directly to the prospect’s unique situation. Think of an AI-generated email that references a recent blog post the prospect read on your website on ‘common SEO mistakes small businesses make’, demonstrating your agency’s genuine interest in their specific needs.
  • Beyond personalization, GenAI streamlines your sales process, freeing up your team’s valuable time for strategic pursuits. Here’s how AI can boost productivity:

Effortless Lead Generation: Imagine AI scouring online directories, social media platforms, and even business news websites to identify high-potential SMBs that perfectly align with your agency’s offerings. This targeted lead generation saves your team countless hours of prospecting.

Automated Outreach: AI can craft and send personalized emails, social media messages, and even voicemails at scale. Your team can focus on crafting high-impact proposals and closing deals, rather than spending hours on repetitive outreach tasks. For example, AI can personalize mail greetings mentioning the prospect’s company name and referencing a relevant industry trend you discussed in a recent blog post.

However, through all of this, one key point to highlight is that an AI software application can only get as good as the data it is trained on. If we be straight about it, only a purpose-built AI software can truly equip agency teams with automated capabilities that streamline tedious tasks, enhance prospect targeting, and nurture relationships at scale. And BuzzBoard is all that and more that your ambitious agency players have been looking for and truly deserve!

Getting to Know BuzzBoard: A Leading Generative AI-Powered Sales Solution for Digital Agencies That Sell to Small Businesses

Here at BuzzBoard, we understand the unique needs of digital agencies targeting the SMB market. Our platform harnesses the power of generative AI trained on billions of proprietary data about small and local businesses and combines it with a robust database of 30 million SMBs, empowering you to:

Effortlessly Generate Personalized Outreach: Our AI engine crafts persuasive, hyper-personalized emails, social media messages, and even voicemails that grab the attention of SMB decision-makers.

Here’s an example. Suppose a local Mexican restaurant is one of your ideal prospects. Using BuzzBoard you can send them an AI-generated email congratulating the restaurant management and staff on their recent positive review and can offer them targeted social media advertising solutions to capitalize on the momentum.

Target the Right SMBs: BuzzBoard’s extensive database allows you to filter prospects based on specific industries, locations, sizes, and even online behavior. This laser-focused approach ensures your endeavor reaches the most relevant SMBs.

For instance, BuzzBoard AI can help you identify and target the local clothing stores that have recently shown increased social media engagement but haven’t run any paid advertising campaigns.

Gain Valuable Insights with FREE Tool: You can learn the ‘digital truth’ about your clients with our online Small Business Digital Audit Tool that instantly analyzes any small, local, or mid-sized business through its website. This absolutely FREE health audit tool evaluates your prospect’s digital presence across nine different dimensions, including Advertising, Google Reviews, Social Media, Local Business Presence, Content Analysis, Infrastructure Robustness, and more.

Our platform’s analytics provide real-time insights into a prospect’s digital deficiencies that are stalling its growth. This includes compelling SWOT analysis reports that you can share with your prospects. These auto-generated reports are indispensable for a quick business need discovery of your prospects.

For instance, think of Acme Dental to be a possible client that your agency has been pursuing. A brief portion of Acme Dental’s SWOT analysis report would look like this: “Acme Dental’s online presence relies heavily on organic search, with a significant 657 traffic and 438 keywords. However, they are underutilizing paid search and missing opportunities in display, Facebook and Yelp ads. Stronger investment in diversified ad channels, including local listing management and display advertising, is recommended to capture leads and enhance conversions.”

Such depth of data analysis empowers you to continuously refine your outreach strategy for maximum impact.

Uncover Competitor Data Analysis: With access to the world’s largest SMB database retaining the most accurate account intelligence, BuzzBoard doesn’t stop at surface-level metrics; it delves deep into the data to uncover actionable insights about competitors to create a powerful story.

When exercised, BuzzBoard’s analytical engine kicks into gear, extracting key insights and trends related to competitors. This analysis encompasses a wide range of metrics, including market share, online presence, customer sentiment, product offerings, pricing strategies, and advertising tactics.

To give you a quick example, BuzzBoard can make your job easier by aiding your reps with an overall competition analysis of your supposed client Acme Dental. A glimpse for you: “An area where Acme Dental falls short is geo-fencing advertising as they don’t leverage Facebook Ads—an overlooked opportunity yielding great results for Irish Road Dental.”

Seamless Integration: BuzzBoard integrates seamlessly with the most popular CRM and marketing automation platforms, like Google Suite, Salesforce, Hubspot, etc., streamlining your workflow and maximizing the value of your existing software stack. Imagine seamlessly adding qualified leads surfaced by BuzzBoard directly into your CRM along with company-rich data for easy sales outreach.

BuzzBoard’s powerful hyper-personalized email-generation capability is also available as a native integration directly within Salesforce. This exciting feature allows Salesforce users, who target the complex SMB marketplace, to harness the behavioral and engagement data recorded in their CRM along with the SMB deep insights that BuzzBoard’s proprietary dataset expertly curates, to generate high-converting emails for outreach and follow-ups.

Why BuzzBoard Is the Best GenAI-Driven Sales Solution Provider for Your Agency?

  • Consultative Selling to Forge Stronger Client Partnerships: Truly empathetic sellers and marketing consultants don’t just blindly push products and services to SMBs. Even so, tens of thousands of marketing agencies in the US end up trying to find their best-matched small business clients with somewhat generic outreach efforts.BuzzBoard’s GenAI-powered tools and resources arm you with verified knowledge and insightful dialogues so that you can engage in consultative selling—a sales strategy that lets you focus accurately on businesses with a genuine need for your agency’s services and resolve their unique business challenges. When you, as an agency, take the time to understand a local business’s specific needs and goals, it establishes trust and positions your team as a valuable asset and you enjoy higher client retention rates.
  • Data-Driven SMB-Focused Approach: The BuzzBoard tool is trained on SMB-focused proprietary data making it unique and powerful. Our Machine Learning classification model and AI engine surface ready-to-buy accounts based on SMB business needs and spending power for your solution. We offer a full spectrum of sales prospecting—from lead identification to research to audits and email generation for outreach. Our email generation capability stands second to none in its unique ability to generate personalized emails using highly nuanced data points about your small business prospects, improving the likelihood of better and deeper engagement.
  • Hyper-Personalized Prospecting: Pitch your products and services with such precision that aligns with your prospects’ needs! Be it hyper-personalized conversation starters or hyper-targeted emails, BuzzBoard is your personal content engine for maximizing sales engagements. With BuzzBoard, you make every email, every text message, every outreach effort bespoke, for every prospect. You lead every sales call with confidence, context, and endless opportunities.
  • More Strategic Thinking: By automating repetitive tasks like prospecting and outreach, AI frees up your team’s time for strategic thinking and relationship building. Your salespeople can focus on engaging in on-call consultative conversations with prospects, add the unmatched human touch to all communications, and have internal discussions to plan their next move.

It’s time you soar past competitors with AI-powered success in SMB-focused sales. Choose BuzzBoard as your AI sales assistant!

The SMB market is a goldmine of opportunities for digital agencies, and AI’s potential in selling digital services to small businesses has only started to prosper! Looking ahead, AI’s predictive modeling and machine learning will become exponentially more advanced at all sales-related identifications, customization, and analyses… at all levels.

While for agencies it might get critical to position themselves as trusted advisors, BuzzBoard will keep equipping agencies with its generative AI-powered tools to personalize outreach, optimize lead generation, and close more deals.

By embracing AI, you can transform your agency into a leader in the SMB space, forging strong client relationships built on genuine understanding and personalized service.

Ready to unlock the power of AI in your sales process? Sign up for a FREE trial and see how our platform can help your agency conquer the SMB market!

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