BuzzBoard Launches Free Small Business Digital Audit Tool

Online tool instantly analyzes any small, local or mid-sized business by its website, revealing its digital truth

SAN FRANCISCO, February 22, 2024 – Taking the digital pulse of local business has never been easier, and it’s free with BuzzBoard’s small business digital audit tool!

With the launch of the tool, BuzzBoard provides free access to its database of more than 30 million businesses each with over 6,000 digital signals. Requiring only a business website address, the health audit evaluates a business’s digital presence across nine different dimensions, including Google reviews, social media, content and SEO.

“The tool is of particular interest to digital marketing agencies that sell to small and local businesses,” said David Howard, VP of Marketing for BuzzBoard. “Unveiling a business’s digital strengths and weaknesses before engaging with it is perfect for crafting personalized, insightful pitches and winning clients faster.”

Accessible for free, the tool offers visitors a taste of what’s available in Ignite, BuzzBoard’s generative-AI powered sales engagement platform. Ignite users have access to even more digital parameters, and are able to generate SWOT analysis reports, competitive analyses, hyper-personalized messaging for new client outreach and more.

By ignoring the digital health of small business prospects, digital agencies are flying blind when approaching new clients – healthy metrics reveal what’s already working, and weak metrics help pinpoint where an agency can provide the most value to a client.

For years, BuzzBoard has empowered digital agencies with confidence and connections. The Ignite platform replaces ineffective templated sales outreach messages with hyper-personalized 1:1 communications to open new doors, win more customers, and close bigger deals.

About BuzzBoard

BuzzBoard is fueled by over 20 years of acquired intelligence on 30+ million small-to-medium businesses to help solution providers deeply understand their customers and build trusted relationships in today’s digital-first selling environment. BuzzBoard’s AI-powered intelligence engine powers account-based marketing and sales performance using its proprietary SMB signal stack and category classification system to identify, segment, and score the accounts with the highest revenue potential. With BuzzBoard account intelligence fueling CRM and marketing automation platforms with ideal customers, demand generation and sales teams now have the insights and recommendations they need to acquire and retain customers with highly personalized interactions at scale.

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