BuzzBoard Announces General Availability of Generative AI-powered Digital Sales Platform for B2SMB Sellers

Ignite combines BuzzBoard’s extensive data on small to
mid-sized businesses with generative AI to create
hyper-personalized sales content across media types

SAN FRANCISCO, August 28, 2023 – BuzzBoard announced today general availability of Ignite, a new, generative AI-powered, digital sales platform for teams that sell digital marketing products and services to small and mid-sized businesses.

Ignite pairs BuzzBoards one-of-a-kind database on SMBs, which captures thousands of digital footprint signals per business, with generative AI capabilities to create strategy and content across multiple media types that makes sales reps more efficient, more productive, and more confident.

Until today, the product has been in use by pre-existing BuzzBoard customers in the media and digital marketing arena.

Announcing general availability of the product, Umesh Tibrewal, Founder and CEO said, “With this product, we are rewriting the narrative for companies that sell to small and mid-sized businesses. Using generative AI and neuroscience principles, we support our customers in identifying key business opportunities by fostering purposeful, impactful, sales conversations.”

Umesh continued, “Generative AI is only as good as the data that is fed into the model, and we have a database of over 30 million SMBs, with thousands of signals recorded for each. Ignite enables our customers to deliver hyper-personalized experiences at scale, employing generative AI to offer unique, tailored content and recommendations to businesses. This commitment to breaking away from formulaic, templatized, approaches ensures every business interaction is unique, valuable, and engaging.”

BuzzBoard has also published a No Templates manifesto, and a corresponding how-to guide, to articulate for sales teams how they can break free from the tyranny of e-mail templates that are no longer effective, no longer scale and tend to irritate, rather than to engage recipients.

Sylvie Dale, Sr. Manager, Talent Development for Advance Local, and an early adopter of Ignite, explained, “the AI layer has really helped us focus on the best details about each prospect and talk about them in a conversational way. In an era of too much information, BuzzBoard helps us get to the important information quickly and lets us focus on having productive sales meetings.”

Ignite also leverages neuroscience to make its hyper-personalized content – as long-form prospecting e-mails, conversation starter snippets, SWOT analyses and ready-to-present PDF presentations – even more impactful.

There is a solid body of research indicating that personalization significantly affects neural engagement, the precursor to any behavior change. Beyond generating content, Ignite contemplates the cognitive and emotional aspects of the audience’s decision-making process, amplifying the relevance and influence of each hyper-personalized conversation.

The product is available on a time-limited free trial basis at

About BuzzBoard

BuzzBoard provides a generative AI-enabled online platform for sales teams to deliver hyper-personalized customer experiences across different media.

BuzzBoard distinguishes itself from other AI-based content generation platforms by uniquely pairing proprietary signal data about SMBs with generative AI capabilities. Our SaaS-based platform replaces templated sales outreach messages with tailored 1:1 communications to open new doors, win more customers and close bigger deals.

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