BuzzBoard Announces a New Integration with Pipedrive for AI-Driven CRM Enrichment

The world’s largest B2SMB account intelligence platform, BuzzBoard unleashes the potential for further CRM enrichment to identify, score, and segment accounts for high-value personalization.

SAN FRANCISCO, November 7, 2022 – BuzzBoard, the leading provider of account intelligence data for B2SMB solution providers, announced today a new martech platform integration with Pipedrive CRM.

This new integration builds on the past success of BuzzBoard’s integrations with HubSpot, Marketo, Zendesk, and more. BuzzBoard’s integration with Salesforce is among the most sought-after solution pairing for B2SMB solution providers, with multiple, large-scale, custom deployments.

Now, BuzzBoard extends this list to add Pipedrive, a popular web-based CRM and pipeline management solution that helps businesses plan and monitor sales activities.

This integration empowers revenue teams using Pipedrive to close more deals, faster. BuzzBoard offers rich account intelligence data, including firmographics, technographics and digiographics—thousands of signals based on your prospect’s digital footprint—to support account segmentation, website and e-mail personalization, inbound lead qualification, account scoring, contextual insights for sales conversions and more. BuzzBoard’s rich account intelligence data enables warmer, more productive, sales conversations.

The solution works by having Pipedrive make a secure API call to BuzzBoard to enrich accounts and leads with pertinent signals. Users can set up custom fields under ‘Organizations’ in their Pipedrive system, and enrich these fields with BuzzBoard’s rich digiographic data using a simple ‘sync’ mechanism. Pipedrive users leverage this integration to bulk update pre-existing accounts in their CRM, auto-enrich new accounts created in Pipedrive, and add new accounts as ‘Organizations’ in Pipedrive to grow their addressable market. Additionally, users can add contact records from BuzzBoard directly to their Pipedrive org. When syncing new accounts and contacts from BuzzBoard into Pipedrive, the integration also checks for duplicates before adding new records.

The entire integration is a no-code setup that BuzzBoard customers can implement in less than 30 minutes.

BuzzBoard’s growing list of powerful CRM integrations ensure that B2SMB solution providers can drive better revenue outcomes with deep data signals, superior match rates, and expanded capabilities.

About BuzzBoard

BuzzBoard is fueled by over 20 years of acquired intelligence on 30+ million small-to-medium businesses to help solution providers deeply understand their customers and build trusted relationships in today’s digital-first selling environment. BuzzBoard’s AI-powered intelligence engine powers account-based marketing and sales performance using its proprietary SMB signal stack and category classification system to identify, segment, and score the accounts with the highest revenue potential. With BuzzBoard account intelligence fueling CRM and marketing automation platforms with ideal customers, demand generation and sales teams now have the insights and recommendations they need to acquire and retain customers with highly personalized interactions at scale.

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