BuzzBoard Expands Its Database on Small and Mid-sized Businesses With New Marketplace Signals

BuzzBoard’s largest proprietary database of SMB data ceaselessly expands, as its Local Business Presence adds popular platforms, like Thumbtack, Uber Eats, and OpenTable to suit the unique business needs of the B2SMB vendors.

SAN FRANCISCO, March 21, 2022 – BuzzBoard’s continuous efforts in standardizing the ICP definition process for its customers receives a boost with the addition of even more marketplace signals. In-demand service apps, such as Thumbtack, Uber Eats, and OpenTable are the latest to join the data stack of the leading account intelligence platform for B2SMB SaaS service providers.

Data imported from verified business listings can assist in better determining Total Addressable Market (TAM), segmenting audiences for demand generation, analyzing lifetime value across SMB segments, and more. By adding presence and engagement data from Thumbtack, Uber Eats, and OpenTable marketplaces to its 6,000+ signal-strong data repository of over 30 million SMBs, BuzzBoard further bridges the gap between these small businesses and your marketing efforts. These marketplace signals are good indicators that your prospect is trying to reach a larger audience with their products and services and are likely to have a higher propensity to invest in your product offering.

These online marketplaces are extremely popular among consumers for offering the convenience of one-stop solution price/product comparison and product/service delivery. For example, Thumbtack is a home services website—an online directory that allows users to search for rates and hire local service providers for a variety of personal projects, including home improvement, financial and legal services, and event planning. Uber Eats is an online food ordering and delivery platform for local restaurants, while OpenTable is an online restaurant-reservation service company.

Accessing these signals via BuzzBoard is extremely useful in assessing the local exposure and credibility of small businesses. Additionally, BuzzBoard users are also able to detect if these local businesses are currently advertising in the marketplaces that offer them the option to do so. You can holistically assess the revenue potential of a business before including it in your target account list, and then rank and prioritize your targets.

The prominent marketplaces that BuzzBoard covers in its signals repository are HomeAdvisor, Nextdoor, and Houzz, to name a few. These are in addition to Local Presence listing data that BuzzBoard provides from the likes of Google Business Profile, Yelp, and Citysearch.

This distillation of presence and engagement data for a myriad of marketplaces and local directories (some more vertical specific while others more generic) exposes SMB needs for specific solutions like yours, while helping you estimate whether or not to bring them into your TAM, and informs your sales discussions as you engage with them.

About BuzzBoard

BuzzBoard is fueled by over 20 years of acquired intelligence on 30+ million small-to-medium businesses to help solution providers deeply understand their customers and build trusted relationships in today’s digital-first selling environment. BuzzBoard’s AI-powered intelligence engine powers account-based marketing and sales performance using its proprietary SMB signal stack and category classification system to identify, segment, and score the accounts with the highest revenue potential. With BuzzBoard account intelligence fueling CRM and marketing automation platforms with ideal customers, demand generation and sales teams now have the insights and recommendations they need to acquire and retain customers with highly personalized interactions at scale.

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