BuzzBoard’s SMB Database Activates Credit & Funding Data, Offering Deeper Insights

Leading B2SMB account intelligence data provider, BuzzBoard, adds credit and funding data to its SMB database to make its digital signals more actionable across industry verticals.

SAN FRANCISCO, Dec 7, 2022 – BuzzBoard’s small and mid-sized business (SMB) data inventory just got bigger and more actionable as it activates two broad categories of SMB financial data, credit health and funding. This enables SMB solution providers to better identify their Ideal Customer Profile and also estimate their target market with greater accuracy. As the leading provider of account intelligence data on SMBs, BuzzBoard provides 30 million SMB records worldwide with more than 6,400 signals, including firmographics, technographics, and digiographics. BuzzBoard’s incorporation of credit and funding signals to its SMB database not only helps users to understand the relative financial health of their customers but also allows access to a variety of funding details about small to medium-sized businesses.

Targeted at fintechs, financial services companies as well as any business willing to reinforce their SMB-focused sales and marketing endeavors, credit health reporting will be immensely beneficial for their go-to-market motion. It empowers vendors with a clearer perception of growth and risk factors associated with their targeted businesses. Consequently, this reconstructs the sales funnel, reducing waste while delivering greater efficiency. It includes data, such as Credit Risk, Overall Payments, Bankruptcy, Tax Liens, etc., to provide accurate information at a granular level. On top of that it gives a high-level indication of SMB credit health with a simple Good/Bad scoring feature, using BuzzBoard’s proprietary AI-based data processing capabilities.

Vendors prioritizing businesses with access to external funds will find BuzzBoards’s new data of great use. Funding details, like private equity rounds, grants, personal paycheck programs, etc., will help go-to-market teams focus and prioritize those prospects who possess the ability and capacity to invest in the solutions offered.

The financial data is now available to BuzzBoard’s old and new customers alike, both on the BuzzBoard platforms, Demand and Insights and via CRM integrations.

About BuzzBoard

BuzzBoard is fueled by over 20 years of acquired intelligence on 30+ million small-to-medium businesses to help solution providers deeply understand their customers and build trusted relationships in today’s digital-first selling environment. BuzzBoard’s AI-powered intelligence engine powers account-based marketing and sales performance using its proprietary SMB signal stack and category classification system to identify, segment, and score the accounts with the highest revenue potential. With BuzzBoard account intelligence fueling CRM and marketing automation platforms with ideal customers, demand generation and sales teams now have the insights and recommendations they need to acquire and retain customers with highly personalized interactions at scale.

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