Celebrating ‘Get To Know Your Customer Day’


Think about an awesome gift that somebody gave you, whether it was for your birthday or a holiday. Chances are pretty high that what made this gift so special was the care and consideration that someone put into the gift-giving process. The best gifts are not necessarily the most expensive. (Those handmade cards from our kids are priceless.) But they are always personal. What a thoughtful gesture, you may have thought.

In the spirit of National Get To Know Your Customer Day (yes, it’s a real thing), BuzzBoard is here to help you show your customers and prospects that you’re paying attention and you care about their unique business. We want them to come away with the feeling that we’ve gone above and beyond to be thoughtful and considerate in carving out a solution that speaks to their priorities. Here are four ways that you can use BuzzBoard to make every day National Get To Know Your Customer Day.

1. Use HR Insights to assess priorities

Did you know that BuzzBoard has an API with Indeed.com and Indeed.co.uk that will provide information on a business’s open positions? Hiring can be a major headache for any company. If you see that a small business has 50 openings, chances are good that your prospect may be laser-focused on growing their team and in need of hiring solutions—and less interested in investing in, say, digital marketing solutions. Having the data to know what to pitch is key to delivering a thoughtful, personalized solution at just the right time.

2. Tech stack data is a blueprint for marketing efforts

Businesses invest in specific technologies and services that are designed to improve the bottom line. It’s important that the technology is serving its intended function and yielding the expected ROI. Businesses want to know what technology is going to best help them achieve their goals, what innovations can be added to their existing stack, when there’s something better on the market, what their competitors are using and how that’s impacting market share. The list goes on. The point is: business leaders are always iterating, and there’s a real opportunity to be a trusted advisor in this space. First things first: tap into the data. When you look at what kind of technology a business uses, it’s like having the blueprint for that company’s marketing strategy—and you can use this information to maximize your efforts to deliver value.

3. Let the Competition report lead the way

We talk about this key BuzzBoard feature a lot because providing information about the competition is such a great way to engage new prospects—but did you know that it also helps us to identify cross-sell and upsell opportunities with our existing customer base? Regenerating Competition reports gives us a reason to contact current clients and provide value. Depending on what the Competition report reveals, here are some things you might call and say to engage a customer: “Did you know that one of your competitors just started a retargeting campaign?” or “I love that you’re running a search campaign, but did you know that the lion’s share of clicks are organic? We should look at this area…”

4. Request contact information from BuzzBoard

Before making a call, be sure that you have the information to ask for a person by name. BuzzBoard provides contact information when available, including a link to the contact’s LinkedIn profile so that you can see their professional history and shared connections. If contacts are not listed, simply click on the ‘Request’ button and our team will do a manual search. The contact results will be emailed to you within 24 hours. Step one in knowing your customers is to know the person behind the business and calling them by name.

These are just four examples of how BuzzBoard can help you celebrate Nation Get To Know Your Customer Day. But remember, you can celebrate and use these tactics every day!

If you have any questions, need help customizing your BuzzBoard filters to fit your new strategies, or want insight on closing a deal, you can reach me at phillip@buzzboard.com.

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