Nextdoor business listings can now be found in BuzzBoard

The latest addition to the Local Business Presence in BuzzBoard is Nextdoor, the site that strives to connect visitors to local businesses in their respective neighborhoods. Businesses that are listed on this site want to be found by consumers looking for their respective goods and services.

Now you can see which businesses are listed, what products they offer and how well they are doing with consumers. When businesses list themselves on Nextdoor, they are actively trying to increase exposure to their businesses!


Local Business Presence section in the Profile report provides a quick overview about if / how a business is listed across popular local search services / directories / guides that consumers use to find a local business information.

Effectively managing a company’s local business presence by ensuring that their information is complete, up-to-date, easily discoverable, and clearly communicated to their customers when they are searching for it is critical to the success of any business and indicates the digital maturity of the business.



“BuzzBoard is very easy to log into. I can navigate easily through the different options that are displayed and the data is pretty accurate. I also like how I am able to put in random potential clients into the system and it generates a new profile that I can sync with another data system we use.”
Christine C. | Digital Account Executive.

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