The No Templates Manifesto: An Open Revolt Against Sales Tactics that No Longer Work

“Personalization can only be as relevant as the data that supports it.” So says Umesh Tibrewal, founder and CEO of BuzzBoard, as he builds the company vision to make sales more personal, more effective.

For a long time, even until the recent past, the only available means to scale outreach and prospecting efforts was limited to free or in-house created templates that were life savers for reps, who used them to bulk-email prospects.

Unfortunately, all they were getting out of these pre-existing frameworks was generic, stock content that provides little room for true personalization, and ignores a bounty of signal data about the prospect. Although such templates allowed reps to scale to their daily outreach goals, over time they became less and less effective. Or worse—reps ignored them.

Highly personalized content is the future—the one-size-fits-none-template approach is dead. Our commitment is to revolutionize as well as personalize the selling of goods and services, digital or otherwise. We’re putting buyer experience at the forefront of the customer journey, for real…backed by our belief in the power of generative AI to drive real results!

In this age of data deluge, harvesting and analyzing vast amounts of data and making it actionable is in itself a tremendous, superhuman, challenge. However, it’s one that we have successfully turned into our core-competency—enabling our customers to spin data straw into gold. We gather and curate an ocean of digital footprint data about businesses, at scale, with super-human proficiency.

However, data storytelling is a hard job—many sales reps struggle with it. We consistently receive rave reviews about the quality and breadth of rich data we provide to enable relevant and meaningful sales engagement. Ergo, there has always been a bit of friction in the learning curve associated with making use of the variety of data that BuzzBoard Insights serves to its users, keeping usage sub-optimal.

Ongoing engagement with our customers, and roundtable discussions with their sales leadership further confirmed the under-utilized potential of all the amazing data we provide on our platform, inspiring Umesh to establish an AI lab within BuzzBoard, tasked with exploring the potential of generative Artificial Intelligence to transform our data into something even more useful for sales organizations.

Thus began BuzzBoard’s journey from selling data to providing the highest value… transforming that data into wisdom.

Using AI-driven Personalization to Make Buyer-seller Conversations Human-First

At BuzzBoard, we’re making sales reps’ jobs easier!

It’s our mission to turn every sales rep into a confident, rockstar, seller, a valued and appreciated member of their community. That’s why we’ve built an AI-powered sales assistant for B2SMB sellers to open more doors, win more customers, and close bigger deals!

Generative AI technology layered on top of BuzzBoard’s existing large-scale dataset of unique value solves many pain points in the modern sales environment. From providing Netflix-style recommendations on who the seller should reach out to next to generating rich-data based personalized email cadences, every day, we’re turning data into value, automating the mundane!

Umesh, a true enthusiast and visionary, originated the idea of
No Templates and its tryst with Artificial Intelligence (AI) with his strong fervor for tech-focused personalization. The fruits of our AI lab development and deep voice-of-the-customer engagement have come to bear.

BuzzBoard Ignite equips sales reps with advanced data storytelling capabilities. We help every seller feel empowered to retire their quote… instead of feeling overpowered with having to make sense of large numbers of datapoints, all of which have meaning.

This expanded capability of deep personalization and content generation built on BuzzBoard’s proprietary data could not have been more timely as the struggles to open new accounts and accelerate sales conversations have never been more challenging.

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