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Generative AI Hyper-Personalization Experts for Selling to SMBs

Look no further to unleash the power of rich data and generative AI to achieve your revenue goals! BuzzBoard fuses an expansive SMB database with the power of AI into a sales assistant platform that supports hyper-personalization at scale.

Join the growing ranks of customers just like you reaping the rewards of AI-powered and neuroscience-informed selling!

Companies Using BuzzBoard’s SMB Account and Contact Data for Their Sales and Marketing

SMB Account Intelligence Data to finally make your reps happy

All the SMB account data that your GTM teams always wished for…in your CRM. Build, segment, and score your target account list with the highest precision.

Pay only for the contact records that belong in your TAM!

BuzzBoard’s AI-based algorithms and robust recommendation engines are tuned specifically to collect and curate data about SMB needs, triggers, and behaviors. Our proprietary SMB signal stack and category classification system unlocks deep account intelligence on over 30+ million SMBs, with over 6,400 signals per SMB.

G2 Recognizes BuzzBoard as a Leader in Marketing Account Intelligence and a High Performer in Sales Intelligence Software Categories

G2 Users Rate BuzzBoard
Above the Competition

G2 Grid® for Sales Intelligence
Software | Spring 2022

G2 Grid® for Marketing Account
Intelligence Software | Spring 2022

Sales Intelligence, Spring 2022

  • Performance and Reliability
  • Lead Analysis
  • Ease of Setup
  • Ease of Admin
  • Reporting/Dashboards
  • User, Role, and Access Management

What’s the Buzz About?

Here’s What Our Customers Say...

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Sales Intelligence, Spring 2022

Performance and Reliability

User, Role, and Access Management

Sales Intelligence, Spring 2022

Rated #1 Performance and Reliability User, Role, and Access Management

Rated #3 for APIs

Marketing Account Intelligence, Spring 2022

Rated #2 Meets Requirements

Rated #3 for Lead Analysis

Rated #4 Segmentation

Rated #5 User Satisfaction

Buzzboard helps me to build a strong pipeline fast! I love the fact that I can sift through all the accounts quickly that are near me and how I can find the best leads to build my pipeline. Read More

Paul Ruiz McClatchy

Love BuzzBoard! Ease of use, quality scores, amount of information, and ability to see estimated investments and platforms being used (by a business). Read More

Andi Gordon Idaho Statesman

Buzzboard is my absolute favorite prospecting tool, and the new additions made to the platform allow me to use this tool beyond the prospecting stage. Read More

Kara Kucin Beasley Media Group

BuzzBoard is essential to my sales success! I love that no matter the category, I can quickly gain knowledge and market insights; it allows me to identify gaps, opportunities, and pain points, making each call so much more impactful. Read More

Tanya Flowers Miami Herald

I enjoy the ease of using Buzzboard to investigate new prospects. It helps in evaluating the size of the company that I may potentially call. Having the data leads to great conversations! Read More

Juanita Toth McClatchy

The Most Valuable Intelligence We have is not Artificial

We don’t sell just a platform or data. We are all about consultative selling. Hence, customer success is a big part of who we are. Every data journey is as unique as the business ingesting it and our data scientists help break down that journey for each of our customer organizations.

Our data scientists are experts in:

Signal science to help you identify the right signal stack to map your products and ideal customer attributes

Crafting target segments and custom scoring to make the most out of our data

Using SMB data to personalize customer journeys

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